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Changing Perspective When Challenges Arise

It’s been ‘one of those weeks’ at our office this week. Nothing that isn’t just part and parcel of business but one of those weeks you have moments of ‘why are we doing this again?’. We tell our clients often that they know these moments will come, you will find the ways through and conquer on the other side so we are here telling you that we have those moments too. As does EVERY business.

To have a break yesterday I decided to go for a long walk and on the way noticed the weather. To the South there were dark clouds, yet simply turning around there was sunshine and clear skies. It was a great reminder that when things might not seem to be going the way you want (usually the easy way) it may just mean you need to take a look at things from a different perspective. I can assure you the issues we have had arise we can certainly see the ‘good’ side to them, whether a lesson learned (in a much easier way than how they could have been), an opportunity (just not how you always expect it) or just a time to reflect on decisions made and take some time to decide where to go from here.

Last night I watched an E-60 documentary on Mick Fanning (World Champion surfer) and the hardships he has faced during his life including the tragic loss of 2 brothers and his famous encounter with a great white in South Africa last year, on live tv. He went back last month, into the water where he was attacked and won the competition. His quote at the end really stuck with me – “The world deals people these cards. You have the choice to be crippled by them or you have the choice to say okay, I’m going to go and make a better version of myself.”. What an amazing attitude to have and his success proves that your attitude can drive you to achieve your goals no matter what your circumstances.

We encourage you to push through the issues that you come across in business (and life):

  • Put the challenges in perspective of the big picture, they often aren’t as big of a deal as you first think
  • Take some time out to ‘regroup’ over the circumstance and work out a plan to overcome
  • Take the lessons – to do this you need to take responsibility for your part. There are times situations are completely out of your hands, but often in business we have played some part towards the outcome
  • Find the opportunities in the challenges
  • Take a look from another angle – get outside the circle instead of being in it
  • Always remember your WHY. WHY you are in business. If you haven’t worked this out you need to. We blogged about our WHY

“Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts” Winston Churchill

You can see Mick Fanning’s E-60 story here




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