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Don’t be the smartest person in the room

As the saying goes ‘If you’re the smartest person in the room, you’re in the wrong room”.  So with this in mind we’ve been out-n-about the last month at various business events, learning from others.

So what have we gleaned from others this past month?

Bundaberg Business Expo

  • Amanda Briggs (Chair in Digital Economy) shared update on the changes in the digital economy including emerging asset classes of data, Idle Assets (think shared economy), Platforms and Culture.  Also the shift towards a liquid workforce.
  • Kate Carnell (Small Business and Family Enterprise Ombudsman) shared the objective of her role, which is more a representative role for small businesses than a dispute resolution role.  Her office has a project at the moment focusing on payment terms to small businesses from larger corporates and liaising to reduce payment days and represent small business interests.
  • Dan Willersdorf (Wide Reach Social Media) shared some case studies on how his business has helped others improve their social media presence.  Dan shared some great tips such as running A/B Testing on campaigns, ensuring your content, including images are optimised for mobiles and having a strategy for any paid campaigns you run.

Building Your Empire

This was a fun and informative event hosted by StartUp Creative at the new free co-working space Warehouse No.5.  The format was a mixture of networking followed by panel Q&A with three Gold Coast entrepreneurs; Peta Fielding (Burleigh Brewing Co); Andrew Whiting  (Sparrow Eating House & Elk Espresso ) and Fady Hanna (Flagship Digital)

The three entrepreneurs were from different industries and backgrounds however their narrative and advice was uncannily similar.

Some of our key takeaways from the night were:

  • Employment is a great learning ground.  If you’ve never run a business before it doesn’t mean you necessarily have no idea.  You can learn a lot by working for others in an industry that you’re interested in – your learning includes what works and what doesn’t.
  • Value your customer.  Every customer transaction is as valuable as the next whether they are large or small transactions ensure you look after each and every customer.
  • Know your Why:  You’re going to hit some tough times in business, knowing your why is what will bring you through as well as help you make decisions
  • Surround yourself with people who will challenge you.  Have a support network of people that aren’t necessarily like you, people with different skill sets that you can bounce ideas off and they won’t just tell you how fantastic you are – you want people who will say ‘no’ to you – hopefully with some constructive feedback so that you can go and rework your idea

Driving Innovation: The Innovation of Culture

This was a great lecture presented by Prof Baden U’Ren from Bond University.  It was so good (and fitted with our theme of culture) that we wrote a blog on it.  You can find it here.

JadeStart Now

Hosted by Jade Weller from JadeStart Consulting this event was a great way to spend a few hours on a Saturday morning before heading to the Polo.  Jade selected a number of speakers to share on topics such as business structuring, identifying IP, government grants, funding and marketing.

We found Jade’s presentation on Intellectual Property (IP) really eye-opening as she explored the different types of IP that may exist within businesses and measures that can be taken to protect it.  Keep an eye out as we’ve asked Jade to guest blog for us on this topic.

Lisa Erhart from Funding Business Growth shared with us ways that businesses can access funding and grants.  Lisa offers some great services including programs to help entrepreneurs identify funding opportunities that align with their business strategy allowing expansion and growth to take place.

The final speaker for the morning was Aaron Spehr from Beach Braves.  Aaron raised a familiar insight with the audience, the importance knowing your “Why”.  Aaron also shared marketing tips and tricks that he has used to build the Beach Braves brand.  If you’re not aware of this brand, it’s showcase product is beautiful round beach towels, designed by Aaron.  We even received a gift of a ‘roundie’ and beach bag (it was like we were on Oprah) – so guess what we’ll be relaxing on in the Gold Coast sun this winter?

We love learning from others, as I’m sure you do too.  We’ve even started recording our key takeaways from events similar to above and will continue to post this on our facebook page.  So be sure to connect so that you don’t miss out.

Oh – one final thing – we thought we had better share our “why” with you – you can find it here.


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