2022 Financial Year Key Dates


Important Upcoming Dates

We’ve compiled a list of important Accounting and Finance dates for the 20/21 Financial Year, to help you prepare and stay on top of your accounts.


21 April 2022

Mar 2022 Monthly BAS Due

28 April 2022

Mar 2022 Quarterly BAS Due if not lodging electronically

28 April 2022

Mar 2022 Quarterly Superannuation Due


21 May 2022

April 2022 Monthly BAS Due

26 May 2022

Mar 2022 Quarterly BAS due

28 May 2022

Lodge and pay quarter 3 2021-22 Superannuation Guarantee Charge Statement if you did not pay enough contributions on time


21 June 2022

May 2021 Monthly BAS Due

25 June 2022

2022 FBT Annual Return due if lodging electronically

30 June 2022

Superannuation contributions must be paid and received by fund by this date to claim a tax deduction in 2022 financial year.


14 July 2022

STP Annual Finalisation due date


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