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Living on Purpose

I recently started a diet. Call it a ‘healthy eating plan’ if necessary but I’m not one for all the PC stuff these days, reality is it’s a diet and one I will likely need to be on for life. It’s working though, and as I made my salads for a few days ahead, prepped my vegetables and planned my dinners I realised how much success is reliant on making a choice to live on purpose. To be organised and prepared with the steps you are taking to achieve your goals.

For me with my diet it is simply making the effort to make sure everything is quick and easy. I live a hectic life, self-inflicted, but it’s how I thrive and I don’t do well at slowing down. I lose all momentum. I enjoy healthy food but in my chaos I eat whatever is available as I run out the door for the school run and grab something ‘semi healthy’ at the café (yes I’m probably saving significant amounts of money in this process too).

So does this relate to our businesses and other areas of our life? Absolutely!

In business if we are not doing it ‘on purpose’ in line with our goals and values then we are likely to go around in circles. We won’t necessarily fail, but we won’t make significant progress. I can relate this back to my eating habits. I didn’t eat chocolate, drink coke and snack on sugar laden muffins, I ate a reasonably healthy and balanced diet but it wasn’t enough. I didn’t achieve very much when I tried to be just a ‘little bit’ better and I would get off track in a day or so due to the disappointment even though I knew I hadn’t put the required effort in. I see the same scenario in businesses often.

How do we apply this to our businesses?

Set your goal.

In business these are usually quarterly, yearly and sometimes out to 2, 5 or 10 years. However, in such a fast changing world of technology I feel 5 and 10 year goals need to be very adaptable.

Work out if there are smaller goals within these goals.

Especially the quarterly ones (which should be leading to your yearly goals). What are those events or milestones that will confirm you are on your way to achieving that quarters goals?

Then work out the specific tasks you need to do each day (or week), to achieve those milestones.

For my diet it is making sure I shop for fresh produce twice a week and pre-prepare where I can to make it harder to deviate off the plan. In business, it might be blocking out specific times to do the tasks you need to do.

You need to be prepared to sacrifice some things if necessary.

Whether it be doing an extra 30mins work at night or skipping a social event for a networking opportunity. It’s not something you do all the time but you must commit to the goal and be willing to make some other sacrifices.

Ensure you can still be nimble and flexible where necessary.

Things won’t always go as you plan in life or business and so while your goal may not change greatly the ability to achieve a milestone may and you may need to find another way to get to that end goal.

Don’t give up.

There will be people and circumstances that make you feel like giving up. Take a moment and then reset your mind to success and keep going.

You can apply these steps to any aspect of your life be it business or personal aspects. While it is one of those ‘easier said than done’ things, if you make the effort you will reap the rewards.

If you are wondering how you set goals, refer to my previous article on this topic.

What have you achieved in the last 6 months by Living on Purpose?


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