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The ‘WHY’ of Lemonade Beach

We were recently at a networking and business start up event and one of the most resounding pieces of advice from the 3 very successful, local business owners being interviewed was to know your WHY, understand it and your passion and dreams.  So it got me thinking about our WHY. We have discussed it a lot, we discuss it weekly really but have we really shared it with others?

When we started this journey one thing Cameo said is ‘stop business owners having heart attacks’, a bit blunt but certainly a good way to describe what we wanted to achieve. We recently did a Facebook video campaign with the tagline “We’re in the business of putting you back in the picture”. This really did sum it up. We want our clients back in their life and family pictures.

We want to see businesses succeed and thrive but not at the expense of the health, lifestyle and relationships of owners or managers. Of course, there is going to be some sacrifice (success comes only from hard work) but we are passionate about using the ever improving technology available to its full potential to give business owners real time, accurate and relevant data to assist them in making decisions about their business in a timely fashion. Decisions that keep them ahead of the rest in their field, decisions that provide added profit, decisions that mean that they don’t need to be constantly putting out fires after they erupt, they catch them when they first start to smoulder. This technology gives owners the ability to keep a really good eye on their business, in a matter of minutes from anywhere with an internet connection.

We don’t want to be the advisor you call when something that was avoidable goes very wrong or every 3 months to get your BAS completed. We want to be the person you call when you’re about to make a big decision, when you need a quick ear to rebound an idea off or to bring something back into perspective. We want to be part of your team. We feel your ups and downs alongside you, not from afar. It is only when our clients succeed that we succeed.

We make a point at Lemonade Beach to get to know our customers and the industries they are operating in. We can never know all the ins and outs of each industry but we certainly want to take those next steps to understand any challenges or opportunities that present to our clients. It’s only when we take the time to understand these details that we can truly add value to your business.

Technology means that not only can our clients have great data but we can be on the front foot also.  In many financial situations, we should be able to quickly identify an issue before you realise you have one.

We are passionate about keeping people in work, seeing our economy thrive and ideally seeing as many opportunities as possible be available in our wonderful country. Our world is constantly changing as is the business landscape both ourselves and our clients need to be on the front foot.

Lemonade Beach isn’t about Lauren and Cameo. It is about our clients, how we can improve their businesses, subsequently improve their lives and stress levels and get them confidently on their path to success. How we can problem solve and innovate alongside them when necessary to find efficiencies and opportunities.  It won’t always be easy but it will be worth it.

As we journey on our own business rollercoaster we are constantly learning and growing ourselves. We feel humbled in the fact that we are being able to assist clients from first-hand experience in their journeys.

So a summary of our WHY……. To give business owners their lives back by embracing technology and walking with them on their journey to achieve their business goals. 

Next week we will explore how you can work out your WHY and how this will change the way you interact with your current and potential customers.

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