What We Believe in and Why – Access Granted

Organisational Values are the heart of an enterprise. Everyone works best when we share common purpose and values, as they allow us to build a deeper understanding of each other. We searched our hearts to come up with our six values and this blog series delves deeper into what they mean to us. 

Access Granted 

Have you ever met the most amazing person? It might have been whilst on a date, a new friend you met at a coffee house or perhaps a trusted friend suggested you meet with one of their advisors. The conversation is great, you click, they make some suggestions that may just help you solve that problem that has been pestering you for ages; you’re thinking “why didn’t I find them sooner?” 

When you said goodbye, they said they would send you some info, or call you next week…but the info and call never comes. You, being diligent like you are, try to follow them up, ask them out for another coffee, but you either always go to voicemail or their PA keeps telling you they’re busy and will call you back. 

We feel your frustration… 

This is why our Access Granted value is so important to us. There’s no value to you in us being able to help you if you can never get access to us. Furthermore, sometimes you need to make a decision quickly and want to be able to check your understanding or implications beforehand. 

We value our relationship with you and promise to act promptly on requests and communications so that you can confidently make business decisions. 

The icon developed to depict this is the portable, instantaneous and succinct communication that is available through technology.

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