What We Believe in and Why – Embrace Change

It seems the world is constantly changing these days. As humans, we can either put our heads in the sand and hide from change or we can run towards it and embrace it. 

Someone once told me that people change when the cost to not change becomes greater than the cost to change. All change has its moments of discomfort, however if we continue to focus on the benefits, these moments pass quicker. 

At Lemonade Beach, we love the change that technology is bringing to our industry. It allows businesses to start “lean” – a new business owner no longer needs to spend tens of thousands of dollars on I.T. Systems, instead you can select a cloud software solution and add features as and when you need them. Mundane tasks are automated so you can spend time on tasks that add real value to your business, and this is the same for us. By utilising technology, we can deliver additional value to our clients at a similar price to what they previously paid; it’s a win for everyone! 

But change isn’t just happening in technology, it’s happening everywhere, including consumer behaviour, preferences and demographics. Fifty years ago, the average life expectancy of a Fortune 500 firm was 75 years, today it’s less than 15 years, and declining. In short, we all need to be aware of and embrace change to stay relevant in our markets. 

The icon developed to depict this value is the cogs of change surrounded by arrows of continuous improvement. By embracing change and integrating it into our businesses and lives we are able to continuously improve and remain relevant to our marketplace.

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