What We Believe in and Why – Seek Out The Blue

When you engage a business advisor, you don’t just want them to respond to the questions you ask. Sure, you might know a lot about how your business operates and what’s happening in your industry, but there was a reason you reached out to someone you trust to act as an advisor. That reason is typically that you had a knowledge gap that needed to be filled.

You want an advisor that knows the right questions to ask you, before you even realise that it needed to be asked. You want an advisor that is constantly thinking of ways that they can positively impact your business and lifestyle. You want an advisor that’s two steps ahead.

At Lemonade Beach our client’s success is our success. With this in mind we are the advisors that seek new opportunities for you. Whether these are new ways to manage cumbersome tasks, people we can connect you with, or ideas on ways you can enhance or expand your operations.

The icon developed to depict this is a rising sun over a “blue ocean”. This term comes from the book “Blue Ocean Strategy” that discusses the need to create new untapped markets rather than operating in a competing “Red Ocean”. “Blue Sky” is the term typically used to refer to business potential. When we’re “seeking out the blue” we are looking for ways we can positively impact your business to unlock untapped potential.

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