What We Believe in and Why – Ignite The Heart

This is probably my most favourite of values. We are all in business for a reason and hopefully that reason is something that sets your heart on fire. 

Starting a business from scratch is not an easy feat. However, if the reason we’re doing it connects with our hearts and allows us to connect with others’ hearts we gain the drive and desire to succeed from within. This desire is what brings us through the challenging times and it’s that part of your heart that soars when you have a win. 

We want to help people connect with their purpose in life, especially business people who perhaps feel their flame is waning. By recognising your purpose and passion it becomes easier to attract people that share those values (think employees that go that extra mile). These people then become your support network but more than this, it gives you an opportunity to ignite their hearts in return. 

The icon for this value is two hearts coming together with a shared flame. The hearts represent individuals and the flame is a shared purpose and passion.

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