What We Believe in and Why – Know Your Best Player

We all have things we excel at as well as things that no matter how hard we try and practice, just aren’t our forte.

We believe in utilising people’s strengths, but in order to do so, we firstly need to know the person and how they operate. As business advisors with financial backgrounds we don’t pretend to know everything about everything and we see this as a strength. We know when a client’s needs are outside our professional scope so have built relationships of others that we trust to pass the ball to in these situations.

Advising businesses is similar to building a house; there are many tasks and specialty areas that need to be covered. If a plumber did electrical work and the interior designer the brickwork, you would have a pretty interesting house and probably be more than slightly sceptical about turning on a light. It’s the same in business advisory, whilst we have knowledge of how other specialty areas operate we know when it’s time to say refer you to an IP Specialist, Contract Law Specialist, Insurance Advisor and the like and will do so as it’s the best course of action for your business.

The icon depicting this value is of course a winner’s trophy. Winning teams utilise the strengths of all participants and know who to call on to ensure a victory.

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