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2022 Personal Tax Checklist

With the 2022 Tax season fast approaching, we’ve pulled together 7 tax considerations to pop on your Personal Tax Checklist.

7 Tax Considerations for your 2022 Personal Tax Return

  1. Consider pre-paying any interest on investment loans up to 12 months.
  2. Consider pre-paying any costs associated with Investments. Eg. Rental Property – Rates, Insurance etc.
  3. Ensure you have kept receipts for all costs associated with your investments or work related claims.
  4. Consider making a personal deductible superannuation contribution. The cap for the year is $27,500 and you should check what has currently been received and is expected to be received by your fund before deciding an amount as if you go over your cap there can be significant penalties.
    *There is also now rolling unused cap balances – if you have made a significant taxable capital gain or would like to boost your superannuation balance this measure can assist you. However, it is important to gather information to ensure you don’t exceed the maximum cap available to you.
  5. Consider your work from home hours particularly if your working arrangements have changed. Keep a diary or log book of your use of home office etc.
  6. Ensure your car logbook is up to date to enable choice of claim methods.
  7. If you have invested in Cryptocurrencies consider using a crypto tax calculator such as Koinly or Crypto Tax Calculator to prepare an Australian tax report for 2022 financial year. (The cost of the report will also be tax deductible in the year that you pay for it.)

We’re here to help!

If you’d like to learn more about how we can assist you this tax time, please visit our Personal Tax or Business Accounting and Tax page.

And don’t forget to download our complete 2022 Tax Planning Checklist to hear what else you should be considering for your Business Tax Return, or if you have a Trust.

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