JobKeeper 2.0 – What you need to know

The JobKeeper wage subsidy scheme is being extended into March … Continued

JobKeeper 2.0 Alternative Tests

JobKeeper 2.0 again requires businesses to qualify on decline in … Continued

Downsizer Super Contributions: Additional Options to Boost your Super

Whilst we were all enjoying the Christmas break, the passing … Continued

New GST Withholding on Residential Property

You may remember as part of the 17/18 Budget the … Continued

Building a Crowd to Fund your Business

Equity Crowd Funding will soon be available in Australia – Cameo attended the Queensland launch of Birchal a platform created by the founders of Pozible to learn their approach to this new opportunity for businesses.

The ‘WHY’ of Lemonade Beach

We were recently at a networking and business start up event and one of the most resounding pieces of advice from the 3 very successful, local business owners being interviewed was to know your WHY, understand it and your passion and dreams.  So it got me thinking about our WHY. We have discussed it a lot, we discuss it weekly really but have we really shared it with others?

What We Believe in and Why – Know Your Best Player

Advising businesses is similar to building a house; there are many tasks and specialty areas that need to be covered. Winning teams utilise the strengths of all participants and know who to call on to ensure a victory.

What We Believe in and Why – Embrace Change

Someone once told me that people change when the cost to not change becomes greater than the cost to change. All change has its moments of discomfort, however if we continue to focus on the benefits, these moments pass quicker. 

What We Believe in and Why – Ignite The Heart

We want to help people connect with their purpose in life, especially business people who perhaps feel their flame is waning. By recognising your purpose and passion it becomes easier to attract people that share those values (think employees that go that extra mile).

What We Believe in and Why – Seek Out The Blue

At Lemonade Beach our client’s success is our success. With this in mind we are the advisors that seek new opportunities for you. Whether these are new ways to manage cumbersome tasks, people we can connect you with, or ideas on ways you can enhance or expand your operations.