The Key to Achieving Work Life Balance

“Burnout”, recognised by the World Health Organisation (WHO) as an … Continued

Planning to Plan

It seems these days that we just start one month … Continued

Finding the Low Hanging Fruit in Your Business

When you know some key pieces of information about your business you can make much better strategic decisions – such as knowing how your different options will impact your bank account. Make sure you implement the best strategy for your business, and save time and money in the process.

Planning for Success

Business Plans, we should all have them but the ones that you spend days (even weeks) writing out only to sit on a shelf are no use to anyone.
We believe that a business plan should be simple to read, accessible and most importantly something you come back to regularly

Put Solutions in the Picture

Ever wondered why some solutions seem natural and second-nature when they’re presented to you?  Often, it’s because the problem solver has dug deeper than the surface to find the real culprit of the issue.

What’s Coming with Xero

Xero just keeps innovating their product, which is great for … Continued

Conscious Accounting

We were fortunate to attend a session with Dandapani. To … Continued

How to Select Apps for Your Business

We love cloud computing (not just accounting) and the rise of SaaS means that you can build solutions for your business as the need arises. 

Selecting applications can be a never-ending task, ask your friends in business what they use and you will likely get a myriad of recommendations, all coming with free trial periods.  It can be tempting to try out all of them.  Here are our tips to get on with the job and get the most out of your apps

Creating a Culture for Innovation

We explored the Innovation Engine – devised by Seelig in 2012 book of the same name.  In the model Attitude, Knowledge and Imagination are contained in the middle and overlap as they represent the individual’s mind.  Whereas external factors such as Culture, Habitat and Resources influence the inner factors and in many ways guide and shape the mind of the individual.

Living on Purpose

In business, if we are not doing it ‘on purpose’ in line with our goals and values then we are likely to go around in circles. We won’t necessarily fail, but we won’t make significant progress.