What’s Coming with Xero

Xero just keeps innovating their product, which is great for … Continued

Unearthing Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence comes about as machines learn how to do repetitive tasks better over time, this is referred to as ‘artificial narrow intelligence’ and encompasses what is becoming normal to us through the use of algorithms on Facebook, google, Spotify and amazon.  However, with the development of more sophisticated forms of AI such as IBM’s Watson and the integration of AI into ordinary objects (IoT) the impact of AI on our lives is only going to get greater.

Trust in the Digital Age

With the rise of digital technologies, trust is shifting from institutions to individuals – so how do you build that trust in a digital age?

Xero Tips and Tricks

With continual new features being added it’s often difficult to stay ahead of how you can better use xero to speed up internal processes.  The following are some of the tips and tricks we were reminded of at XeroCon

Think You Can’t Afford Xero? Think Again

Confused about Xero and think you need $50/mth to start?

We’ve had quite a few small business owners tell us recently they can’t get started with Xero as they can’t afford $50/mth from their business yet, and they are probably right.  But you don’t need $50/mth to get started. That’s what we love about Xero.

Building Your Software Ecosystem

With so many business applications available to subscribe to it’s important to ensure that where possible they work together.  In doing so, apps talk to and with each other providing an ecosystem for your business to grow within whilst also delivering efficiencies to your everyday tasks.

How to Select Apps for Your Business

We love cloud computing (not just accounting) and the rise of SaaS means that you can build solutions for your business as the need arises. 

Selecting applications can be a never-ending task, ask your friends in business what they use and you will likely get a myriad of recommendations, all coming with free trial periods.  It can be tempting to try out all of them.  Here are our tips to get on with the job and get the most out of your apps

Life in The Clouds

‘The Cloud’ is what we call software and data that lives on the servers external to your computer.  These servers are generally in large dedicated warehouses around the world and you generally access the data by logging in over the internet.