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When it comes to eCommerce and online retail stores, we’ve got you covered! We work with a range of eCommerce clients, so we know the ins and outs of your industry well.

Accounting for ecommerce businesses

We help eCommerce businesses, and individuals

We understand the different tax rules (allowances, deductions, offsets and adjustments) that apply to eCommerce, we’re across your lodgement dates, and we’ve got a good handle on systems too. We also keep on top of any grants that may suit your business, to ensure you don’t miss any opportunities for additional funding.

With more and more businesses choosing to run their businesses online, it can be a competitive market to operate in, with lots to keep on top of. That’s why it’s so important for you, as the expert in your field, to not get so bogged down in your numbers that you can’t focus on what you do best – running a successful business.

As eCommerce accountants, we know numbers are not for everyone. And that’s ok! Because we’re not only numbers people, but we’re ‘people’ people too. We’ve ditched the corporate suits, and dropped the jargon. Our focus is on connecting with each of our clients in a real and genuine way, uncomplicating the complicated for them, and empowering them to feel confident in their numbers. When you work with Lemonade Beach, there’s no such thing as a “silly” question. If there’s something you don’t understand, we take our time to break it down for you to ensure you do.

Whether you’re looking to minimise tax, tick the compliance boxes, or if you’re looking for some business advice, we’re here to help.

We work with both individuals and businesses in the eCommerce sector right across South East Queensland and Northern New South Wales.

Accounting and Tax Services for eCommerce Clients

  • Personal Income Tax Returns
  • Preparation of Financial Statements including Management Reports
  • Preparation of Tax Returns for all entity types including Individuals, Trusts, Companies and SMSFs
  • Preparation of Business Activity Statements and FBT Returns
  • Due Diligence and Valuation services when purchasing or selling a business
  • Specific Taxation Advice
  • Manage your Company Annual Statements

Business Advisory Services for eCommerce Businesses

At Lemonade Beach, we also provide a range of business advisory services for our eCommerce clients. Our focus is on ensuring you have complete confidence in your financial data, so you can make informed decisions for your business, quickly. How do we achieve this? Through the combination of visual reporting and regular Advisor insights, we connect you with your financial data in an easy to digest way. 

Through our Business Advisory Services, we can help your eCommerce business with:

  • Business planning
  • Business structures
  • Product development
  • Identifying key income-producing projects
  • Cash flow forecasting
  • Engaging with and understanding financial data
  • Learning and observing how small actions within the business impact financial
  • Making better decisions, quicker
  • Developing and implementing strategy

Before working with Cameo my business was at a point where I needed someone to brainstorm ideas with and help me navigate where I wanted my business to go. I was ticking the compliance boxes and even engaged a business coach, only to discover that the advice they offered wasn’t tailored to my business. Since working with Lemonade Beach I now have a clear direction when it comes to planning our big income-producing projects. I feel like I have a CFO in my corner – someone who knows, cares and understands where my business is at.

I’m more than happy that I’ve invested in my business through seeking personalized advice. I love that every 90 days we plan the next steps for my business at my premises. Numbers aren’t my thing, but they are essential to me continuing to grow a sustainable and successful business – the advice I receive is heartfelt and practical – just what I need.

Nikki Parkinson

Founder, Styling You

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