Do You Have a Business Roadmap to Success?

As the New Financial Year approaches now is the perfect time to put some time aside to work on your next year of business.

We love working with business owners and helping them achieve their business dreams, however we’re also business owners and believe that it’s so important to ‘walk the talk’. 

We’re going to be taking a few hours now to invest in our business and will discuss the following items.

What We Believe in and Why – Know Your Best Player

Advising businesses is similar to building a house; there are many tasks and specialty areas that need to be covered. Winning teams utilise the strengths of all participants and know who to call on to ensure a victory.

What We Believe in and Why – Embrace Change

Someone once told me that people change when the cost to not change becomes greater than the cost to change. All change has its moments of discomfort, however if we continue to focus on the benefits, these moments pass quicker. 

What We Believe in and Why – Ignite The Heart

We want to help people connect with their purpose in life, especially business people who perhaps feel their flame is waning. By recognising your purpose and passion it becomes easier to attract people that share those values (think employees that go that extra mile).

What We Believe in and Why – Two Heads are Better Than One

This value centres around collaboration. By sharing information and ideas openly, together we can achieve the best outcome for your business.

What We Believe in and Why – Access Granted

Organisational Values are the heart of an enterprise. Everyone works best when we share common purpose and values, as they allow us to build a deeper understanding of each other. We searched our hearts to come up with our six values and this blog series delves deeper into what they mean to us.