Accountant for Gold Coast Freelancers 

We work closely with Freelancers from a range of industries across the Gold Coast, Tweed region and beyond.

Accountant for Freelancer


Accounting for Freelancers

Aussies are ditching the 9-5 grind and embracing the freelance life like never before! Who wouldn’t love the freedom to call the shots while flaunting their skills? But hey, let’s not forget about the tricky tax rules that come with it. Lucky for you, our Freelancer’s Guide to Tax in Australia has got you covered!

But wait, what is freelancing exactly? According to the government, if you’re without paid leave and tools, and you get paid per project, you’re a freelancer. It’s a wild world out there for freelancers, juggling many clients and projects with no steady hours or income. 

Starting out on your own can be a thrilling ride, but it can also feel like a daunting leap into the unknown. With so many questions, you need the right people to guide you. Cue Lemonade Beach’s Freelancer Accountants! We know you’re a pro in your field – that’s why we’re here to crunch the numbers for you, so you can continue to focus on dazzling your clients like a superstar! 

Accounting, Tax and Advisory Services for Freelancers

  • Tax returns
  • BAS preparations and lodgements
  • Specific tax advice
  • Business expansion planning for freelancers looking to move towards operating as a business

Our Freelancer Accountants service the Gold Coast and beyond

With our extensive experience supporting freelancers on the Gold Coast and beyond, we’ve got your back!

But take note that we’re not your average Accounting firm – we’re a cool and quirky boutique located right in the heart of Coolangatta on the Gold Coast. We’re all about making Accounting and Advisory services accessible to freelancers across the Gold Coast and South East Queensland. Our Griffith Street office in Coolangatta is perfectly placed to help our Northern New South Wales neighbours, too – we’re looking at you, Tweed Heads! And the cherry on top? As a cloud-based firm, we can lend a hand no matter where you call home.

Our accountants work with an interesting group of freelancers working across a range of different industries. We have the pleasure of working with marketers, copywriters, bloggers, photographers and a range of designers (from web design and graphic design, right through to costume design). If you’d like to hear what our clients have to say about us, we encourage you to read some of their testimonials.

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We Can Help You:

1. Free up time by managing your accounts, so you can unleash your creativity on client projects. 

2. Rest easy knowing that your financial data is precise, giving you the confidence to make savvy financial choices.

3. Throw that data management stress out the window!

4. Make informed decisions about which direction to take your venture in next, through our business expansion planning and advice services.

5. Protect your sanity and work-life balance.

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