How to choose the right KPIs for your business

As a business owner, it’s critical to have a good understanding … Continued

Which Business Structure is right for you?

Determining your business structure is one of the first decisions … Continued

Partnership Business Structures

A Partnership business structure is made up of two or … Continued

Trust Business Structures

A Trust business structure is where there is an obligation … Continued

Company Business Structures

A company is a form of business structure. It is … Continued

Sole Trader Business Structures

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How to build a high performing finance team for your small business

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Planning for Success

Business Plans, we should all have them but the ones that you spend days (even weeks) writing out only to sit on a shelf are no use to anyone.
We believe that a business plan should be simple to read, accessible and most importantly something you come back to regularly

Over Stretched? Here are some alternatives

If a stretch goal isn’t your thing right now here are some other strategies you can use to move your business in the right direction.

Are You Over-Stretching?

Do you love goal setting?  We sure do, there’s nothing like getting you and your team focused on a common goal with a deadline to really see implementation in businesses.
What about really challenging goals?  Often called a ‘stretch goal’ or ‘BHAG’ (Big Hairy Audacious Goal) these are even more challenging that the usual goals we set ourselves and can fall in either of these categories: